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  • High Precision LED DisplayThe high precision LED display screen supports signal transmitting through the PCB boards, which requires no wires and less components. Easy installation and disassembly for transportation thanks to the simple structure.
    1. Scoreboard LED DisplayThe brightness is 2500CD/m² for indoor product and 6000CD/m² for outdoor product. Even in the daytime, the video can be played with high quality.
      With the refresh rate of 4200Hz, the product can get more clear effect with true image and brilliant color.
      The outdoor scoreboard LED display has high level IP grade with IP65 for front part and IP54 for back part.
    1. Perimeter LED DisplayThe perimeter LED display can be synchronized with the camera to play the video with high definition and without flickering. It has created many firsts in the world such as the first perimeter LED screen in Bird's Nest of Chinese National Stadium. Our product is also applied to many other stadia concerning the Bayer Munich Football Club, Allianz Arena, Willem II Tilburg Football Club, etc.
    1. Fascia LED DisplayThe fascia LED display is mounted on the wall directly with the front maintenance mode which can save the necessary space for maintenance that the conventional product needs.
      It has online single dot detection function, which can check all the pixels and achieve remote transmission of the working status of each pixel.
    1. LED billboardIf the product is mounted in the stadium, it can inspire the collective emotions of the audience and render the atmosphere at the race. If the product is mounted outdoors, the LED display can rebroadcast the video matched with the wonderful interpretation. The commentator delivers the all-round feelings to the audience, meeting the curiosity of the offsite audience to make them feel like they were at the scene.
    1. Center Hung Cube LED DisplayWith the advantage of rich design and installation experience, our product has been applied in many world-renowned stadia. We provide the customized product for the Staples Center which is the home field of the Lakers of NBA, the creative product with 360-degree viewing angle for American Tampa Bay Lightning, the first center hung cube LED display in China for the 14th FINA World Championships.
    1. Top Maintenance Fascia LED DisplayConsidering the special structure of the stadium, top maintenance is a feasible way for single person to do maintenance. Due to the structure character, the product can be maintained easily not only ensuring the safety of the operator but also cutting down the servicing cost in a large degree.
    1. Standard Advertising LED DisplayWith the innovative design and cutting edge technology, the standard advertising LED display is our latest product composed of the unit panel with the size of 960mm and 960mm in width and height. The unit panel is constituted of 9 smaller modules with the size of 320×320mm. This large size modular concept can be applied to build up the outdoor LED display screen with almost any size, allowing for large visual range. Meanwhile, it brings the significant benefits for installation and dismantling.
    1. Strip LED DisplayWe produce the product by fully considering various details concerning from free-form large video display to the architectural visual design. Characterize by light weight, smart design, robust quality, the product can deliver the stunningly bright video with lighting type effect. Based on the requests of customers and art style of each building, it can be taken for use flexibly as a conventional screen or the creative solution.
    1. Mesh LED DisplayThe display effect of the mesh LED display is extraordinary due to its high technical standard.
      As a result of the robust mechanical design with the protection rating of IP65 for front and back parts, the product is suitable for the outdoor and indoor application perfectly in the form of fixed installation or rental use.
    1. Front Maintenance LED Display
    1. 4mm Indoor Rental LED Display(512*512)The production of the cabinet makes full use of the physical property of the material itself. By taking usage of aluminum die-casting technology and the premium 5052 aluminum alloy, the cabinet has high precision, reliable strength and achieves seamless splicing. The specially designed periphery of the cabinet coupled with the fast locking system makes it easy for rental application, hoisting, as well as fast to install and dismantle.
    1. 6mm Outdoor Rental LED Display(576*576) Due to the specially designed fast locking system, the 6mm SMD outdoor module can be installed and dismantled quickly. There are four pairs of fast locking device on the cabinet to achieve horizontal and vertical joining with the adjacent modules. The robust stainless steel fast locking device can achieve firm fixation of the modules, resulting in the seamless image display effect.
    1. 8mm Outdoor Rental LED Display(640*640)The product is fabricated with slim structure and light weight, bringing convenience for fast transportation and installation. The adopted components have robust quality, enabling a long service lifetime. That point can be proven when the product serves on the road side or in the harsh working environment.
    1. Dance Floor LED DisplayThe flexible modular design makes the dance floor LED display versatile to form different shapes such as T unit, curved appearance, staircase shape, etc.
      The sophisticated 3-in-1 SMD technology provides the 140° viewing angle for vertical and horizontal directions.
      The surface of the product is made of the acrylic board with the thickness of 15mm.
    1. Strip LED DisplayThe product can present the video with amazingly high brightness and lighting type effect. Apart from the basic application as the display screen, it can also be employed as the creative solution on the basis of customers' requests and the design style of each building. Meanwhile, our customized solution team and the workshop for training the staff can make the architectural LED solution suitable for each specific installation.
    1. Cluster LED DisplayThe specially designed power chip installed in each cluster plays the function of making sure that the power is distributed evenly for very large LED display screen. It dramatically simplifies the data connection up to the cable and the snap-fit mounting mode. The product with the area of 9500 square meters was successfully applied to the Opening Ceremony of 2010 Shanghai World Expo.