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4mm Indoor Rental LED Display(512*512)

Our 512×512 4mm indoor rental LED display is developed by conforming to the increase of the demands in the market for the rental series LED screen. It is characterized by small pixel pitch, high definition and easy installation with the cabinet of apple green.

The cabinet is designed by the professional structural engineer through combining the LED product characteristics with the industrial molding design. The single cabinet is nice and concise with the weight of only 8.5kg, which is convenient for transportation and dismantling. The curved design for the backside allows natural transition of the junction surface. The whole product makes the surrounding look more active.

1. Unique Design
The unique patented LED SMD encapsulation technology allows for high luminous efficacy of the 4mm indoor rental LED display. The production of the cabinet makes full use of the physical property of the material itself. By taking usage of aluminum die-casting technology and the premium 5052 aluminum alloy, the cabinet has high precision, reliable strength and achieves seamless splicing. The specially designed periphery of the cabinet coupled with the fast locking system makes it easy for rental application, hoisting, as well as fast to install and dismantle.

2. Multiple Choices for Aviation Connector
When we design the position of the aviation connector, we have fully considered the compatibility with multiple aviation connectors such as the Neutrik, Hualun, Chogori, etc. to satisfy clients' individual requirements on connector brands. Customers can choose the connector according to their actual needs.

3. High Refresh Rate and High Gray Scale
With the refresh rate as high as 2000Hz, the 4mm indoor rental LED display has rather high luminance efficiency. Together with the high gray scale of 16bit, high color reproduction and brightness calibration, the product can meet the requirements of various indoor occasions with high definition and high quality display effect.

4. Pixel-level Brightness Calibration
The pixel-level brightness calibration can enhance the display uniformity significantly and also make up for the defect of degradation of display effect resulted from the luminous attenuation after long-term use.

5. High Reliability and Simple Maintenance
The unique design for PCB as well as less internal wires and connectors reduce the failure points in design. The module can be dismantled and maintained conveniently and easily.

Structure of Cabinet
Fixing Lock at the Side of Cabinet Plugs to connect power supply and signal cables
Fixed Installation of LED Screen Rear Maintenance

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