Front Removable Tile

The front removable tile is fabricated by accessing to the internal electronics through removing the LED tile from the front. The servicing can be carried out via the hole at the left of the cabinet. Though the cabinet is a standard design, there is the only difference lying in that the LED tile is mounted from the front not the inside. As a result of the screw on the front, the minimum pixel pitch is limited and we can make that parameter for the front service product as small as 16mm.

1. The complicated front pop-up system is not applied into the product.
2. The cost of such front service system is rather low.
3. The size of the LED screen can be set as required with no limit.
4. The needed space behind the cabinet is very small. It is just for the structure, cable and ventilation.
5. Safety chains can be added to the LED tile and other sub assemblies.
6. The structure of the front removable tile is so slim and light that the cost and installation time can both be saved.

1. Repairing the internal electronics needs to remove the LED tile first and unscrew the screws giving rise to the loose screws.
2. It is difficult to conduct the servicing through the visible hole.
3. The cabling is not easy to be carried out because it must be completed internally after removing the LED tiles or before the installation of the cabinet.
4. Once the installation is completed, getting to the back of the cabinet is not an easy thing.
5. For making sure that all the electronics can be reached from the front and also removable through the LED tile mounting hole, the whole design should be extremely careful.

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