Flip-up LED Display

Flip-up Tile Module

The flip-up LED display also takes usage of the way of hinging the LED module which could lift up for servicing. The cabinet of the product can be larger than that of the pop-up type product.

1. The flip-up LED display exploits the safety strap to secure the cabinet face.
2. The LED tiles and other sub assemblies can be added with the safety chains.
3. The product allows for full access to the servicing of the electronics.
4. The cables can be routed internally resulting in a neat layout.
5. Behind the cabinet, there only needs small space for the structure and ventilation.
6. Due to the slim and light structure, the cost can be saved and the installation time can be shortened.

1. The servicing for the flip-up LED display needs the additional device of the gondola wider than the cabinet or the cherry picker.
2. The maximum height of the cabinet is about 2m. And the height of the LED screen can only be equal to that of the cabinet. That means the height of the LED screen is limited to only 2m.
3. The cabinet design is more complicated and costs more than the standard cabinet.

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