Pop-up Stand LED Display

Pop-up Cabinet

The LED module of the pop-up stand LED display is hinged to the cabinet. It can be released through removing two masks and then using the special key to unlock the lock. Supported by the hydraulic cylinder or the safety strap, the LED module can actualize turning over to allow the electronics to be repaired.

Steps for Opening the Cabinet
1. The small hole hidden behind the mask is the secrete access for opening the front maintenance cabinet. 2. The key for opening the front maintennace cabinet is the speical tool that we provide for the customers.
3. Uncovering the mask, press the special tool to open the cabinet. 4. The special unlock tool triggers the internal spring mechanism through the small hole. Then, the cabinet opens automatically.
5. The user-friendly design of the supporting device for the cabinet brings much more convenience for the servicing.

1. The safety strap or the hydraulic cylinder is employed for the security of the cabinet face.
2. The safety chain can be added to the LED tiles or other sub assemblies.
3. The electronics can be serviced with full access.
4. The space for the structure and ventilation behind the cabinet is very small.
5. The cables can run through the cabinet internally.
6. The product is endowed with a slim and light structure, allowing for low cost and short installation time.
7. The hinge system enables the cabinet stacking. So the size of the pop-up stand LED display is unlimited.

1. The servicing can be achieved by removing the masks to get to the lock loosed by using the screw driver. Then, the masks and screws would get loose.
2. It must use the other tool to unlock the cabinet.
3. The gondola wider than the cabinet or the cherry picker is adopted as the auxiliary equipment for completing the servicing work.
4. On account of the safety, the height of the cabinet is subjected to the weight of the hinged LED face and the strength of the available hydraulic cylinder. The standard size for our cabinet is 768mm×768mm.
5. Compared to the standard cabinet, the cabinet design is more complicated and costs more.

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