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Removable Front Panel LED Display

Front Removable Module

The removable front panel LED display has a simple structure. Its manageable sized module is comprised of several LED tiles and contains all the electronics. It is mounted onto an open cabinet or a simple frame. The module is small and easy to handle. With the installation of the module, the cables are arranged accordingly at the rear. The defective module is replaced by unclipping or unscrewing from the front side. By reason of the screws on the front side, there is a limit to the possible minimum pixel pitch. However, the small pixel pitch of 16mm can still be realized through the careful design.

1. The removable front panel LED display has no complicated front pop-up system.
2. The LED modules can be added with the safety chains.
3. Only small space behind the modules is needed for the structure, cables and ventilation.
4. The whole structure of the product is compact with small volume and light weight, saving cost and installation time largely.
5. There is no limit to the size of the product.
6. The servicing for the replacement can be carried out without any access issue. The repair work can be conducted off site.
7. The cabling for the installation is simple.

However, the removable front panel LED display also has some disadvantages listed as below.
1. Each module contains the PSU and control electronics, leading to inefficient power and data distribution system.
2. The expensive PSU is necessary to prevent the earth leakage issue. We recommend the application of the medical grade PSU.
3. The screw should be unscrewed to achieve the replacement for the modules resulting in loose screws in spite of the design of the captive screw.
4. It is very difficult to get to the back of the cabinet after the installation.

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