LED Display Manufacturer

Welcome to Retop LED Display - your one stop solution provider for all things LED related. As a renowned manufacturer in the growing Chinese industry, we have completed more than 10,000 worldwide installation projects over the span of nearly 2 decades. In the pursuit of excellence, we succeeded in breaking numerous industry records. Retop is widely acknowledged as a world-leading designer and producer of high quality LED screens. Our target markets include sports, advertising, rental & stage, etc. To learn more, please ask us about our fully featured customization options!

Through vertical integration Retop is able to optimize the industrial chain. Our scope of expertise ranges from LED wafers & chips to LED control systems, LED lamps, LED encapsulation, and LED displays.

Retop is a publicly listed LED display manufacturer. We are fully integrated with our parent company Elec-Tech. Headquartered in Wuhu city, our facilities cover an area of 120,000 square meters. We proudly declare our production base to be the largest in mainland China. Our company strives to deliver stunning LED solutions that can satisfy all customer requirements.

Main products
    1. High Precision LED Display
    2. High Precision LED DisplayThe high precision LED display screen supports signal transmitting through the PCB boards, which requires no wires and less components. Easy installation and disassembly for transportation thanks to the simple structure.
    1. Sport LED Display
    2. Sport LED DisplaySport LED DisplayOur sport LED display is available in various forms including scoreboard, perimeter, center hung cube and fascia board. The product becomes one of the focuses in renowned sport stadia and arenas
    1. Advertising LED Display
    2. Advertising LED DisplayOur advertising LED display is designed to last for years. The adoption of power surge protector and signal lighting protector helps prevent the product from being damaged by lightning. The industrial
    1. Strip LED Display
    2. Strip LED DisplayWe produce the product by fully considering various details concerning from free-form large video display to the architectural visual design. Characterize by light weight, smart design, robust quality, the product can deliver the stunningly bright video with lighting type effect. Based on the requests of customers and art style of each building, it can be taken for use flexibly as a conventional screen or the creative solution.
    1. Rental and Stage LED Display
    2. Rental and Stage LED DisplayIt can guarantee failure-free running with the advantages covering easy and quick installation, transportation and long panel lifetime. Our rental and stage series products for indoor and outdoor application adopt
    1. Architectural LED Display
    2. Architectural LED DisplayArchitectural LED Display Our architectural LED display is our featured product including the cluster type and strip type. The cluster product is applied to the 2010 Shanghai World Expo with the...